Parenting & Mindfulness – impossible, isn’t it?

Mindfulness, that’s the buzzword that doesn’t seem to be going away!

I get it. It’s all about being present in the moment and enjoying life this very minute. Nice idea. Can’t do it, though.

Can any mother? Life is so frenetic and there’s always so much to bloody well DO!! And so much guilt if you’re doing something other than what should be done.

I’m fibbing slightly, though. Occasionally I do gaze at my boys, pause and drink in their cuteness. Especially when they’re being best buddies or one is really looking out for the other.

But everything can change in an instant. Best buds one minute, yelling at each other the next. There’s rarely any long term consistency where kids are concerned.

Once a year or so I note down in my diary a list of things about my 6 year old as he is now….(with the knowledge that, sadly, these are undoubtedly going to change):

1. Believes in Father Christmas/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny – tick
2. Takes his teddy to bed & still has a mass of named teddies on his bed (evidence above) – tick
3. Always wants a bedtime story – tick
4. Wants to marry Mummy (but appreciates his future girlfriend might get jealous; we’ve discussed) – tick
5. Still wants to sit on my knee – tick
6. Loves to be carried – tick

I really recommend taking this kind of ‘snapshot’. They change and mature so quickly, transitioning seemlessly from helpless creatures into fully formed human beings before you can say, ‘don’t eat that Lego piece‘.

So, yes, keep hold and cherish the special, wonderful moments but don’t forget the mundane, everyday stuff too.

Write down their latest obsession, the words they muddle up and their naive (and often nonsensical) observations. Keep their pictures (one of my favourites is a drawing of a dalek with the accompanying words “Dot Hoo” next to it – so sweet!) and video their silly antics.  Soon they won’t be doing them and they certainly won’t let you record them!

I might be pretty rubbish at mindfulness but each night I’m thankful for these two little people who enrich my life beyond all measure. Maybe I’m not so bad at this living in the moment thing after all.

I’d love to hear how you enjoy the moment and what’s precious to you  – leave a comment below.

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