Shock truth: I was never a baby!

I’m not sure I was ever a baby. Or a toddler.

Maybe it’s because I don’t remember (although apparently we do recall everything in our lives – even the really mundane stuff – but choose to remember a fraction, like 3%).

Or maybe it’s because I just feel like I’ve inhabited an adult body for, like, forever (with all the frailties, worries and mind-fucks that go with that).

But I mostly believe I sprang from my mother’s loins as an instant adult (yes, that birth would have smarted a bit) is because there just isn’t any proof to the contrary!

Yes, I’ve poured over the old, square, white bordered photos in the yellowing albums showing a rather podgy curly haired little girl but, quite frankly, they could be anyone. And they don’t look much like me because these photos show ‘me’ with manageable, shiny hair. An attibute I certainly don’t possess now.

No, the only way I can be really certain is if I could sit down to some grainy cine-film of a baby-faced mini-me  crawling, babbling, walking, going to school etc. Then I might just be convinced.

And how lovely if I could see how my mum interacted with me. Seeing her fresh faced and youthful would certainly corroborate her regular lament: “I wasn’t always old, y’know!”

That’s why I’m so keen to feature video as part of the Tiny Times Journal offering. And now, thanks to advances in portable technology, the chance to capture video is everywhere from smartphones to iPads.

How magical to include real footage to feature alongside your diary entry? There’s no better way to bring the memory alive.

So give your children what me and my generation never had – pure, unequivocable evidence of those wonderful carefree younger years.

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